Calendar Counter

The Calendar Counter app is a quick and easy way to make a follow-up or future appointment on your iPhone calendar by adding years, months, weeks or days to the current date.



I often wished for an easy to use app that would assist me when I needed to make a follow-up appointment after a set period. I first needed to open my phones calendar and to then to physically count the number of weeks or days to get the exact date.
When my friends, and myself could not find an app that did what we needed I created the Calendar Counter app.
With Calendar Counter it takes seconds to add years, months, weeks or days to the current date to find the exact follow-up date for the calendar event.
Calendar Counter lets you preset the default period of your event and the period for the first and second alert if you wish.
When you tap the add to calendar button these presets are automatically added to your phones’ calendar event settings to save you time.
Calendar Counter is designed to be easy to use and the screens are designed to be easy to read.
The Calendar Counter app does not have in-app advertising.
The Calendar Counter app does not have in-app purchases.


The Calendar Counter app uses the local time zone of your iPhone for all calculations based on the Gregorian calendar.


The color scheme of Calendar Counter can be changed by selecting a color from the available list of themes.


If you're enjoying using Calendar Counter, please leave a review. You guys are the reason why I love creating new apps. You guys are also the reason why I spend sleepless nights thinking about how I can improve my apps. When the late nights coding gets tough, I know I can always read the 5-star reviews from you guys to motivate me, every review makes a difference to my day!
If you reviewed or rated a previous version, please resubmit it as ratings are reset with every new update.


Accuracy cannot be guaranteed. 

Use at your own risk. 
These calculations are for discussion purposes only and are not intended for actual planning.


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Version History

Version 1.2
Updated for IOS 14
Version 1.1
Added support for both light and dark appearances in iOS 13.